Technical IP rights such as patents and utility models are our core competence. WILDANGER advises on their enforcement in the event of infringements, but also in the defense against asserted technical IP rights. Within the framework of this enforcement or defence, we have the task of preparing even highly complex technical matters in an understandable way, especially for judges who have not completed a technical course of study. This is one of the core competencies of all lawyers working for WILDANGER, which they have acquired through years and sometimes decades of professional activity exclusively in this field. The numerous landmark court decisions in which WILDANGER was involved in the past and which we won for our clients prove this.

Our clients, who entrust us - whether as plaintiff or defendant - with their most important lawsuits, come from all over the world and from all conceivable branches of industry, such as telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, biotech, chemistry, electronics, automotive, mechanical engineering, medical technology, optics, recycling, consumer goods.

In addition to forensic representation in infringement proceedings, we are also, by way of assistance, active on behalf of our clients in validity proceedings pending often in parallel to such infringement proceedings before the German Patent and Trademark Office, the European Patent Office, the Federal Patent Court and the Federal Supreme Court. If the dispute does not take place before the ordinary courts but, for example, within the framework of mediation or arbitration proceedings, we also have the necessary experience to safeguard the interests of our clients before such panels; more on alternative dispute resolution options here

In addition, we also advise on any inspection proceedings if required to obtain evidence of infringement and assist in border seizure applications in order to prevent the importation into the EU of products infringing patents and other intellectual property rights (e.g. trademarks and designs). 

A further focal point is advice and representation in so-called vindication proceedings, i.e. proceedings in which either claims for complete transfer of technical property rights or the granting of at least co-ownership are involved. 

In the field of telecommunications, we also have, due to a large number of successfully conducted proceedings, particular expertise in the enforcement of and defense against claims arising from so-called standard essential patents (SEPs) and the FRAND requirements of German and European case law which are important in this context.

Beyond that, we are well versed in the coordination of cross-border infringement proceedings pending in several jurisdictions at the same time, and we manage such mandates through cooperation with foreign partner law firms with whom we have been working successfully for a long time in order to protect and assert the legal and economic interests of our clients beyond the borders of Germany.

Finally, WILDANGER has extensive experience in the exploitation of the aforementioned intellectual property rights, in particular through their out-licensing or in-licensing, whether within the framework of pure license agreements or in connection with contractual arrangements going beyond pure licensing, such as cooperations on research and development and many other conceivable contract forms for the exploitation of intellectual property. For expertise in licensing and other contractual issues see also here.