Licenses/IP Contract Law

In addition to judicial enforcement, our expertise also includes drafting contracts for the development and exploitation of intellectual property. 

Today, the development of new technologies and technical improvements often no longer takes place exclusively within the company. Rather, competitors as well as non-competitors form, for example, research and development cooperations or research contracts are awarded within the group or to external third parties. 

The same applies - for a variety of reasons - to the exploitation of existing or newly created technical developments, in particular inventions and existing intellectual property rights: These are licensed out or in, exploited jointly by several parties or separately by application area. 

In this context, WILDANGER advises its clients on all legally relevant issues as well as on the most suitable contract design for the interests of its clients. Such contracts include examples such as

•    License agreements of any kind;
•    Research and development contracts;
•    Cooperation agreements;
•    Non-disclosure agreements;
•    Agreements with employee inventors;
•    Contracts for the transfer of industrial property rights.

This advice of course also includes the consideration of the associated national and/or European antitrust law framework conditions, such as the relevant block exemption regulations of the European Commission (e.g. concerning the scope and limitation of licenses in technology transfer or the structuring of contractual provisions in the area of cooperation between companies on research and development).

We not only advise our clients, which also include in the field of IP contracts national and international companies, on IP contractual matters and accompany them through the contract negotiations. WILDANGER will of course also assist you in the enforcement or defense of claims arising from such contracts. This applies both to German courts dealing with this matter and to representation in alternative dispute resolution proceedings, such as arbitration proceedings; for the latter see also here.