Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is the term used to describe alternatives to court proceedings. These can range from mediation to institutionalised arbitration. The latter may be advisable, for example, where complex international disputes are involved or where the confidentiality of the proceedings is of particular importance.

WILDANGER also advises and represents its clients in the field of alternative dispute resolution, e.g. in mediation and arbitration proceedings. In doing so, WILDANGER focuses on the best possible protection of its clients' interests already ahead of a later dispute (e.g. already during the drafting of a contract) by including the associated dispute settlement regulations, e.g. in license agreements. 

If knowledge of foreign legal systems is important in such proceedings, we can provide the necessary expertise by virtue of our decades of relationships with law firms in various countries.

In addition, WILDANGER's lawyers are also available as arbitrators in arbitration proceedings.