Designs and Community designs are also among our core areas.

Also in this field we advise our clients out of court and represent them in court proceedings. As in the field of trademark law, our clients in the enforcement and exploitation of designs and Community designs are national and international owners of designs and Community designs - from medium-sized companies to large corporations. 

WILDANGER's tasks also include advising and defending our clients both in and out of court when they are being claimed under such intellectual property rights.

In this context, we represent the interests of our clients before all German courts responsible for design and Community design proceedings as well as before the European Union Court of Justice (EuG) and the European Court of Justice (EuGH), e.g. in actions against decisions of the Boards of Appeal of the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO).

In addition to the extrajudicial and judicial enforcement and defence of claims based on designs and Community designs, WILDANGER is very familiar with the handling of applications for border seizure to prevent the importation of infringing products as early as possible as well as the obtaining of orders to preserve evidence.

Finally, we have extensive experience in the exploitation of the aforementioned intellectual property rights, in particular through their out-licensing or in-licensing, be it within the framework of pure licensing agreements or in connection with contractual arrangements going beyond pure licensing, such as cooperation agreements, etc. For expertise in licensing and other contractual issues see also here.