Unfair Competition Law

The unfair competition law based on the Act against Unfair Competition (UWG) regulates the conduct of market participants towards each other. Its observance is of decisive importance for both manufacturing and trading companies, because non-observance can have serious consequences, since in competition matters injunctions, in particular enforced by way of preliminary injunctions, threaten, which can also oblige to recall.

Imitations in particular can be challenged under certain conditions on the basis of competition law, even if no special IP rights such as patents, designs or Community designs or trademarks (no longer) exist. On the basis of competition law, competitors may also be sued for misleading or inadmissible comparative advertising or disparaging statements.

WILDANGER advises and represents clients on all questions of competition law and unfair competition law, whether as claimant or defendant, whether out of court or in the course of court proceedings. In this field, too, national and international companies - from SMEs to large corporations - are among our clients.