Employee Invention Law

90 % of all inventions in Germany are said to be traced back to employee inventions. If there is such an invention or if the application of the Employee Invention Act has been contractually agreed (as it is often the case with managing directors or other persons who are not employees), there are numerous and far-reaching rights and obligations between the inventor on the one hand and the employer or principal on the other. 

WILDANGER provides comprehensive advice on all aspects of employee invention law: This includes the classification of employee inventions according to the old and new Employee Invention Acts, the calculation of remuneration and the structuring of remuneration agreements with employees, but also the structuring of agreements with managing directors, shareholders, universities, professors, interns and cooperation partners with regard to inventions made by such persons. In addition, the advice and representation extends to co-inventor questions and vindication proceedings in the case of unjustified applications for industrial property rights.

A further focus with special expertise of WILDANGER is the development of so-called rights purchase and (lump-sum) remuneration systems for internationally active corporations as well as SMEs and research institutions.

We represent our clients, which include nationally and internationally established and active companies from all over the world and of all sizes, as well as individuals, out of court, but also and in particular in any court proceedings and in proceedings before the Arbitration Board for Employee Inventions at the German Patent and Trademark Office.

In addition, we offer our clients in-house training on employee invention law and the latest developments in this field of law.