Providing top-quality services with expertise and passion

Wildanger specializes in all areas of intellectual property law, including copyright law. Our firm focuses on handling cases in the field of technical property rights in all industries and segments. Our clients include large corporations and prominent companies from Germany and abroad, especially the U.S., Korea and Japan, as well as innovative medium-sized businesses.

We see ourselves as “translators” of technical issues for civil judges. As fully-qualified lawyers, we have the same training as they do. We approach them as equals and speak the same language. This puts us in a position to explain even the most complex technical issues in a way they can understand – something that most people with a background in the natural sciences alone cannot. Decades of success speak to the effectiveness of our work.

We successfully represent both plaintiffs and defendants in national and international cases. We have a wealth of expertise in the area of “standard-relevant” patents. Our keen ability to see the bigger economic picture also makes us a valuable partner to our clients.

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